Massage is rapidly growing in recognition as an important part of a complete wellness plan, with proven benefits for a range of issues, including blood pressure, stress, flexibility, and sleep. That’s in addition to its widely known effects on reducing pain and soreness. Plus, research shows that the greatest benefits of massage come from consistent repeat sessions.

Select from 30, 60 & 90 minute services:

Himalayan Salt Stone Full Body HSS 60 min $120| $150
Exclusively offered on the Central Coast this warm stone therapy is relaxing and filled with many health benefits. Our unique stone warmer releases negative ions from the salt with helps you breath easier, and is mood enhancing The salt has 84 minerals that help replenish your cells, and the stones leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Warm stones provide deep heat to your muscles, allowing the muscles to relax, increasing circulation and detoxification.

U- Roc- Himalayan Salt Stones & Massage 60 min| $105 | $135
Warm stones are used on your back only to relieve tired and sore muscles, continued with a full body massage.

A Vital Touch Signature Massage $50 | $80 | $110
(For Relaxation) Light to firm pressure is used to achieve relief from sore muscles. Unscented lotion is used.

Zen- Advanced Face Massage 30 min $60 | 60 min $95.
This Deeply relaxing massage focuses on relieving facial muscle tension, TMJ issues & sinus pressure. Lymphatic drainage is stimulated to remove toxins and increase circulation. With a warm towel compress, this is ideal for guests who would like to have an additional level of nurturing and relaxation. It’s a natural face lift and more.

Deep Tissue Massage $70 |$115 | $145
Perfect for guests who need a firmer, more intense treatment but want to enjoy all the benefits of a signature massage. * Upgrade with Arnica Relief Lotion $15.

Sore Muscle Arnica Relief Massage $60 | $95 | $125
Light to firm pressure is used with Arnica Relief Lotion, an anti-inflammation formulation that penetrates deeply to relieve sore muscle tension.

Aroma Enzyme Lotion Massage $60. | $95. | $125.
Voted best anti- aging lotion by Beauty Magazine, epicuren enzyme rich, aromatherapy lotion enhances your experience. Your choice of Orange, Lavender, Rosemary, Papaya- Pineapple, Vanilla or Kukui Coconut.

Pre-Natal Massage $60| $90 | $120
This soothing massage helps mom relax and relieves sore muscle’s and tension that expecting moms experience, which benefits mom & baby. Gentle to medium pressure. 2nd & 3rd trimester ONLY.

Ocean Lover 30 min. $60 | 60 min. $90
Back, neck and arms. Ocean players, athletes and anyone wanting a focused upper body treatment for relief of muscle tension and relaxation.

Skin Quench Massage 30 min. $70. | 60 min $100| 90 min $130.
Great for dry, dehydrated or sun damaged skin. Enjoy a relaxing massage with a unique and refreshing Aloe Vera gel hydrating coconut milk and epicuren enzyme Lotion

Sole Relief with Arnica 30 min $60.
A foot massage using Arnica relief lotion, Acupressure, hot towels and massage relieves tired and sore feet.

Chair Massage – Express Massage
focusing on shoulders, neck, and back.
Clothes remain on. No lotion is used.
20 min $25 | 30 min $35

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